Research Information


The Auburn University Department of Mechanical Engineering students’ and professors' successful proof of concept research provided LyfGard Enterprises, Inc. with invaluable and extensive positive data, which proved  vital for the building of the full-size prototype.

Over a full school year, a team of eight senior engineering students tested a   Scientific Scaled version of the Propeller Deflector. The students built and tested the boat, first  without, then  with the prototype.

The effectiveness and efficiency  of the 3-deflection surface design was demonstrated in numerous varied tests. Intially, tests were performed at various speed levels likely to be experienced in a human intensive recreational boating environment.  The resulting human injury data scenerios  were engineered into the final prototype.  

Then there was additional  testing at a surface velocity equivalent to 15 mph, with and without the "deflector." This testing is validated since research shows that many manatee collisions occur in low speed zones.

A simulated manatee was lowered into the water so as to  impact with the "deflector." The resulting deflection data points were important benchmarks.

The students and professors effectively established drag, force, and deflection data which further demonstrated that  the Propeller Deflector  design is effective, efficient, and has excellent deflection capability.