Here Is The Reality

There has been no effective safety device mass marketed to the boating community which is designed to prevent the terrible explosive force of a propulsion unit blunt  impact and/or the propeller striking the body and  limbs of a human being or marine animal


  • People and wildlife are injured and killed.  Manatees reach near endangered population levels by accidental impacts with boat/engine and propeller strikes. 

  • Boat owners have to live with the painful knowledge that their boat engine/and or propeller has mutilated and killed people and wildlife. 

  • Victims must live with horrific and disfiguring injuries and loss of limb(s) due to contact with engine impact and/or chopping and spinning propellers.

  • Families of individuals killed by impact/strike accidents must live with the terrible reality of the results
  • Business, in every sector of production, including providers of recreational services, tourism, insurance companies, and retailers, are adversely affected.

LyfGard’s Propeller Deflector is the solution!