The Product
  • big boat final small.jpg LyfGard's Propeller Deflector is a necessary and innovative boating safety device.  The brilliance is in its simplicity.  The removable unit consists of three deflection surfaces positioned toward the stern of your boat.  Unique. Effective.  Efficient.       

  • The Propeller Deflector has been designed and engineered to simply deflect objects away from the 'Killing Zone' of the boat.  The 'Killing Zone' is the lower-end of the propulsion unit and the spinning propeller.  A known hazard.  A preventable tragedy.


 If you, a loved one, or aquatic animal, is in the water and a run over occurs, result will be catastrophic.  First, a body is impaled by the protruding lower end of the engine.  Then, as the broken body 'unwraps' from this unyeilding rigid engine part, it is chopped and sliced by the propeller.  The destructive scenario is real, all too frequent, and the effects are horrendous!

In an average year, the U.S. Coast Guard monitors the approximately 250 non-fatal human injuries that are reported as a result of being struck by the propulsion unit and/or chopped by the propeller of boats.  These non-fatal injuries are life changing.  Further, on average, 35 recreational boating deaths are reported as a result of these accidents.

  • A propeller can inflict 160 impacts in one second!
  • A typical recreational boat propeller can travel from head-to-toe on a person in one-tenth of a second! 
  • It is common for a slow moving manatee to have three or four separate propeller strike occurances.
  • Of the manatee deaths caused by boat, 60% are the result of blunt boat/engine impact, and 40% are propeller  injuries.


Each year, of the hundreds and hundreds of catastrophic recreational boating accidents that occur,  it is likely that the boater never thought about these real dangers and certainly did not contemplate that tragedy would befall them. 

LyfGard is accutely aware of the frequency and the dangers inherent to engine and propeller strikes.  As the air bag is synonomous to safety in an automobile, so too,  the Propeller Deflector should become  an integral  part of  your family's 'Safe Boating' products.

Saving lives is our mission, our passion!   At the end of a day of boating, let's create wonderful lifelong memories!



 The Propeller Deflector is NOT and should never be confused with what the boating industry commonly refers to as a prop-guard or prop-cage.  Those so-called safety items do NOTHING to mitigate the destruction resulting from the blunt force engine trauma on an object. 

Additionally, the  prop guard/cage  often times introduces unacceptable propeller inefficencies, significantly reducing engine and boat performance.  LyfGard's Propeller Deflector will reduce injuries and loss of life for humans and aquatic animals at risk in the water.